Thursday, October 11, 2012

where we are now

 This weekend we're moving into a rental (the place we're still hoping to get is off the market until the spring).  We've been living in some friends' basement, which has been a great interim but it will be nice to see a few of our old things unpacked for awhile!  The kids have been troopers through a very busy September though!  Mike had a few trips and a conference down in New Mexico (where his golf team came in first at the tournament, I'll go ahead and brag on him!), I had a bunch of weddings/flowers, Asa got all signed up to attend pre-school next year, and Ida broke my iPad!  Phew.  Looking forward to rain and fall! (And so glad Mike got me an iPhone so I've at least snapped some pics of the kids!)
 The kids have ended up doing a lot of sleeping in random places.
 And we've spent a LOT of time at Grammys!  Ida associates lunch with Grammy's house, or pretty much any time we get in the car.
 Fun pj times!
 Ice cream runs while Mike was out of town!
 And still being crazy kiddos.
 More car sleeping - we've spent a lot of time in the car this Sept/Oct!