Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy 3rd Bday Asa!!

backdrop by my dad!!

let' race!!

waiting for the buddies to arrive
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pirates and Tents

Mike had a business trip last week and the weather here was pretty wet, snowy, cold, and rainy so the kiddos spent a lot of time in tents.  And Asa likes to play hats so we had a couple pirates running around.

Ida tries so hard to keep up with Asa.  A lot of the time he'll play with her, but if she gets near the legos he's building... oh dear.

They were very excited to see Mike.

Pirate Ida (although she looks more like Little Orphan Annie).  She loves books - she can sit for awhile just looking at them. 

And this is there favorite tent spot.  It's pretty fun to hear Asa telling Ida, Buzz, and Woody the plan and Ida's loud squeals of delight.

Asa's my buddy.  He constantly surprises me with what he'll say!
  We were discussing that Jesus rose from the dead and he thought for a second and announced, "I'm gonna die too!  Not yet."
I was a little surprised, we haven't talked about Asa dying at all!
Me, "Yes, and then we'll get to go meet Jesus."
Asa, "I'm gonna die with Amara! And my friends."
Don't know how thrilled Amara would be about this..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Asa Sayings

This boy cracks me up.  He's also reached the point where we've had some embaressing moments (for us).

We were walking into the bank and a tall guy in plaid flannel pajama pants and a backwards hat was right behind us.  "Look Momma look!!!  He's a pirate!!"

Asa is sincere.  (I love that about him.) Standing on the chair in Ida's room he declared, "I'm tall just like Naphtali." I started laughing.  He wasn't making a joke.  On the chair he's about her height.

We were at my in-laws with some out of town visitors for dinner.  Asa, thankfully, was flanked by Mike and I at the far end of the table.  There were some conversations going on and Asa leaned over to me, "Someone's tootsin."
No one heard at this point and I quietly asked, "Asa, do you need to go potty?"
"No Momma I don't! Someone's toottsin!! I think Mr. 'So and So' is tootsin."
He was still being semi-quiet or Mr. So and So was being polite.
"That's ok buddy, you just worry about yourself."
This ended it until he was excused from the table and playing.  Then during a pause in conversation he stood up and loudly proclaimed,
"Ok someone's tootsin!!"

He was playing quietly after naptime.  I looked over and saw a pair of pants and undies abandoned.
"Asa why'd you take your undies off."
"Oh, cause there was a monster in my room."
"Asa, you're a goon."
"Yeah I am."

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ida 10 Months

Ida's now 10 months old!  She's as sweet as can be and loves playing peak-a-boo!  She can say baba - bottle, dada, mama, aza, and sign please.  She's working hard at walking and follows Asa everywhere!
Love you baby girl!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Asa Sayings

It's been awhile since I actually wrote down the hilarious and adorable things Asa's been saying so here's some.  I'm forgetting tons.

This morning Mike and I were tickling him and he tooted.
"Oh, whoah, okay guys.  You need to settle down a little bit, okay?"

I had a dress on and Asa came in, "Momma you look pretty.  Are you a princess like Ida?"

"I'm pretty handsome."

Asa's been dressing himself lately.  I was on the phone and he came sprinting out to the kitchen with his sideways leap and leg kick.  "Look Mom look!  Two undies!  Pretty cool?"  And added a few more kicks while he was looking at himself in the oven door.  Since then he puts on two pairs of undies every day.

Mike told Asa that he was the Sous Chef and he was helping the Chef, me.  So every night since then when Asa helps with dinner he says,
"Alright Chef, what's for dinner? I sous chef.  I cooking."

We were dropping Rachel off at Les Schwab and right after she got out of the car.  "Momma, Rachel is AWESOME!"

Monday, March 5, 2012

February Happenings

We're still here! Our house got listed so we've been busy with walk-throughs and keeping it ready for showings, the kiddos both got colds which turned into ear infections and a few trips to the doctor, and we headed down for a quick vacation to Naples, Florida (where my cold turned into a sinus infection - thank heavens for antibiotics)!  Asa's doing his Superman pose up above.

They're really becoming quite the buds and partners in crime.

We made a quick trip to Grandpa Chief's condo in Naples.  Warm weather and relaxation while the kids got to hang with the grandparents.  I'm really not sure who had the best time! :)