Monday, January 28, 2013

Our Little Artist

Ida Mae loves loves to color.  I'm not used to this.  Asa will color, but he'd rather be running around racing or using paint and a paint brush.  (I bought one of those color by number books for him, and he colored just the number in each section.  Ahh smart kid.)  Ida, on the other hand will lie down, sit down, stand or whatever and color until the page(s) are full. 
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actually one of the two (well I guess 3) of us!

There was a photo booth (run by Peter Roise Photography) at our church dinner this year so we actually have a picture of just us!  (Well almost just us.. baby #3 is there too!)

Asa's Camera

We gave Asa his first camera for Christmas.  He's really into taking pictures and lots of them.  He wanted to do a family shot - so here's one of his better attempts.  Still got some work to do on focusing, but it's fun to see him going around taking pictures of everything!

He's gotten really good at adding all the funny features on his photos.  I get a big kick sorting through all his pictures while I upload them and seeing what he's been up to!
Apparently he did a whole photo shoot with Lightning McQueen at naptime.

Partying with Grammy and Grandpa/Papa/Pagrin

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