Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Lights

We got our tree up and decorated! Which turned into quite an event in itself, but Ida loved the lights!
And, this little girl is basically crawling!  She gets up on all fours, shakes around for a bit and then launches herself forward.  Then does it again.  It's a pretty effective way to get places!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Thanksgiving Day was pretty relaxed.  Mike and the kiddos watched the Lions' game while I went on the first annual Freeze Your Buns Fun Run put on by the Ryans.  It was a really fun way to start the day - of course, I wasn't going for any record time or anything!  Then appetizers and oodles of games at my folks while we waited for the turkey.  Followed by more games and dancing for the kids. All in all pretty perfect - soo much to be Thankful for!

Great Grandma gave rides on her walker!

oh Grammy and Grandpa danced too!


Seth and Amara came over to help work on baking all the gingerbread we need to make our houses.  Except they aren't going to be houses this year!  Seth brought over a file full of plans and templates that he created for his cathedral.  (Mike and I are doing a barn.)
6 batches of gingerbread later and we were done!
My cookie decorator.  Asa and I made turkey cookies for Thanksgiving!

And after painting with Grandpa (not saying that this has any connection or anything...) Asa came home and decorated our couch pillows!! (Thankfully it came out.)

Asa thought Ida needed to wear a hat.

Great Grandma Visits

Great Grandma (my dad's mom) came out for the week of Thanksgiving! Ida got some good GG time in and the kids got some good snow time before it melted.

Grandpa and Asa's snowman, which ended up looking more like a snowpenguin

I saw the idea to color water for "painting snow" on pinterest- of course I didn't think about how all the colors would look on the snow and made the standard four.  The red just looked like a massacre and yellow-  well you get the picture.  My poor parents' backyard. The kids had fun with it though!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Old Pictures

I'm cleaning out some old pictures on our computer and look who I came across!! (the date stamped on the picture is wrong)
Any guesses who this is??
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