Monday, April 7, 2014

Sofie 11 Months

Sofie celebrated 11 months by suddenly learning how to crawl up the stairs! Yikes -this girl can get everywhere.  It's a good thing Asa and Ida are so vigilant about doors being closed, and small toys staying away from her!  She also got to meet all the Wilkins fam.  Uncle Bray became a favorite - the 12 hour car ride probably helped with that.

This pretty much sums up their relationship at this point.

And here's her crazy face hand clasp - her method for signing "please."  

Sofie 10 Months

Sofie hit 10 months last month but I was remiss in posting about it!  She has 6 teeth, eats anything (another kid with Mike's metabolism and love of food), she tries hard to crawl after the big kids (even when she's the 'Sofie Monster'), plays duplos with Ida and remains as chipper as ever.  
The loud and crazy side has been steadily emerging as well (just look at that picture!)
She's stood by herself a couple times - but no steps yet.