Monday, August 26, 2013


I can't take photos of just one kiddo without others crowding in! (And Sofie doesn't look too happy about it)

Looks like the crazy sideways mouth is a family trait.
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Whole Bunch of Sofie

Sofie is long overdue for a post all about her.  She's closing in on 4 months now!  Rolling over (from back to front), talking, drooling, eating her feet, and playing with her hanging frog.  

She absolutely adores her siblings and loves it when they hover over her - and make her talk in their weird crazy "Sofie voice" which really sounds like the minions from Despicable Me.

She's our rolly poly smiley happy go lucky chub!  

Don't mess with the chub!
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Yup, she's Sof

and when she starts to get upset her eyebrow turns red.
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We dropped Asa off for his very first day of pre-school!  And now Ida and I don't know quite what to do with ourselves!  She keeps asking where her classroom is and when Asa will be back.  She told me that Sofie was going to color with her (which means there are now some crayons lying by Sofie). Asa handled it pretty well - a little stoic wet eyes when we said we were leaving.  But I can't blame him, I feel the same way.
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to School

My four year old is four years old.  The math adds up but I really don't know how!  He is extremely excited to start school tomorrow.  He prepped his backpack and when I told him I'd miss him he said, "you don't need to miss me, you'll pick me up again."
I appreciate how matter of fact he is.    

So after a four year hiatus from life dictated by a school schedule we dive back in! Ready or not for him to be this grown up, I can't wait to hear all about his first day at the same wonderful school I went to!  


We got to go meet Clark!  He's a little buddy - Asa refers to him as "superman" or his cousin brother (he likes the idea of having a boy around!).  The kiddos will pester me non-stop to text Aunt Naphtali to see if we can go over for a visit to hold him.  

Black Butte Family Reunion

July and August slipped by!  But we went down to Oregon for a Garfield Family Reunion in Black Butte!  Tons of fun - tons of family!  There were 21 of the 33 (I think!) 3rd cousins present (Asa's generation). The kiddos had a blast.   My grandma got to meet Sofie.  We had a grand time - thanks to Aunt Jill and all the Shermans for putting it on!