Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kiddo Sayings

Ida getting in the car at night.
"Mom we forgot the moon!"
Me: "It's too high up we can't reach it!"
Ida: "We could get a ladder and go get it!  Or we could do a ballerina jump like 'uh' and get it."

Ida was in the bathroom.
Me: "Hang on I'll go get you some more toilet paper."
As I'm running out,
Ida: "I can pretend I have toiled paper."

Asa's thankfulness assignment at school.  Got a good laugh when this came home.

Sofie 7 Months

Sofie Jane hit the seven month mark!  She cut 2 teeth (one on bottom one on the top right - snaggle tooth style).  She's been sitting up like a champ, pushing herself into a seated position (which she did the first time for Uncle Mark), and working really hard on crawling.  She gets up on all fours and then just scootches backwards. She's extremely ticklish with a wonderful belly laugh.
Love you Sof.
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Snow Day

First day of Christmas break and a whole ton of snow!  Sofie even got in on the fun!
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Santa Lucia Day

Being a quarter Swedish myself and the kids somewhere around 3/16 (Mike has some Swedish in him too) we like to celebrate Santa Lucia day.
But it manages to sneak up on us every year.  I would love to get the girls crowns and dresses but maybe next year....  (we'll see, I said that last year too!)  Regardless, we at least had the buns (and yes- I managed to kill the yeast by reading Celsius instead of Farenheit- so they were more like bagels, but the kids didn't seem to mind!! A few candles and breakfast is magical!)

Happy Santa Lucia Day!
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Kiddo Sayings

Ida holding the butt paste.
"This is for lego bum bums? And Sofie bum bum? And my bum bum?"

Holding Sofie on my lap and Ida comes over. 
Ida: "This lap is only for girls."
Me: "Sofie's a girl."
Ida: "No, she's a baby. I'm the girl.

Asa: "It's a pretty good day for a nice turtley day.  That's why I'm wearing my turtle hat."

Ida running over to the window while Asa and Mike were leaving.
"Merry Christmas to everybody! Merry Christmas!"

We had a bowl of cilantro on the table for garnishing soup.  Ida took a leaf,
"MMmm I yike this salad." (She doesn't normally like lettuce or anything.)  Then took leaf after leaf after leaf and kept saying, "mmm, yummy salad." 
Crazy girl.

Ida: "I'm a princess and you're a person."
Me: "I'm a person?"
Ida: "yes, hi person."

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Seattle Thanksgiving

Sofie happily hung out with lots of people.

Cousin Em came up!!

Working on the oreo turkey kid craft - delish.

Maggie's mohitos - also delish.

The beautiful smoked bird - amazingly moist -way to go Owens!

Flowers - with one of my favorite roses; free spirit.

Helen apparently didn't get the memo that it was a nice picture.

Mike and Molly.

opening up the wine.

My folks drove over with us!

Sweet little Sof.

A bunch of cousins on ipads. 
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Thanksgiving Crafts

Asa had a Thanksgiving party at school which we made turkey cookies for.  Since we had so many extra, we decided to do a craft morning for some of Ida's friends too.
Hand and feet turkeys (got this idea from my sister-in-law and it's a great one!)

Table full of little cuties.

Foam teepees (the girls all went authentic with pink).
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Halloween 2013

Nothing like December to post about Halloween.  But I never got around to it, and I rely heavily on the blog to remind me of what we did throughout the year for our photo books. 

 Ida had decided on Cinderella so we picked out fabric and made her a Cinderella dress. Turns out being the Fairy Godmother means you work some long hours but Ida was in heaven when she woke up from her nap and got to "finally" put it on. (I think she expected me to pull it out of the pattern bag or something.)

Asa decided on Bumblebee, which was wonderful because he was extremely happy about his costume and we only had to pull it out of a bag!

And Sofie still has no say over what she is, so she was our little sushi roll.  Super cute and easy to do (and the big kids enjoyed pretending to eat her.)
The kids went to the Fall Carnival put on by the NSA students - and had a blast.  And then on Halloween, our wonderful neighbor came over with two huge buckets full of candy for Asa and Ida before trick or treating even began!  A trip downtown with Amara and Clark in the afternoon topped off the candy haul.  Then back to our house for our traditional mummy dogs and opening the door for trick or treaters. So much fun (and yes, we still have lots of candy sitting in the buckets still).
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Sofie 6 Month Stats

I've got to squeeze this in before she actually hits 7 months! (which is only 2 days from now by the way).  But, her doctor's appointment was late in the month.  This sweetie is 27.25" long (85%) 16.11 lbs (51%) and a head circumference of 17.5" (92%).  (She's had a big since that worried the doctor's at her ultrasound.)   

She's got the backwards scootch down, sits (a little wobbly), and is working hard pushing herself up in the crawling position.  She finally moved out of her bassinet into the crib since we were waiting for bunkbeds to be able to shuffle all the kids.  She now has a room to herself and seems to be loving it.  She is really the happiest baby ever - and we all love her to pieces.

Her Great Aunt Wendy sent this in the mail the other day (she hand knit it) and Sofie posed for some pics in it!  
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cannot Get Enough

I know this picture is slighlty blurry, but this is these two to a T!  They crazy LOVE each other and they are absolutley goofballs.

Asa came downstairs while I was working on flowers, picked a bouquet for Ida and had to run to give it to her (again hence the bluriness - it was just too sweet.  That boy has my heart. Well, so does his dad!)
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