Monday, November 18, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cannot Get Enough

I know this picture is slighlty blurry, but this is these two to a T!  They crazy LOVE each other and they are absolutley goofballs.

Asa came downstairs while I was working on flowers, picked a bouquet for Ida and had to run to give it to her (again hence the bluriness - it was just too sweet.  That boy has my heart. Well, so does his dad!)
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Oh Ida!

You're not set to go until you're "I'm all pink!" and you have a baby doll (and typically sparkly shoes.)

Pink snow beast. (Thanks to Nana for making the hat!)

How to be Rapunzel out in the snow. (This yellow blanket from Aunt Kajsa has been her favorite since she was a baby and lately it's taken on the task of being her Rapunzel hair.)
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Sofie 6 Months

I don't know how we're here already!  This girl is just such a "jolly old soul." Roly poly buddy.

She's working hard on sitting up, I'm assuming she's working on teeth since she's been chewing on everything, has started eating puffs and occasionally some make it in and stay in her mouth.  She rolls across the floor to watch her siblings and is finally (I think) starting to trust Ida.  There was a while there where Sofie would be in her roller chair and she would just start nervously fussing if Ida even came up to her - I think they're getting on better terms.  Ida piles toys around (sometimes on top) of her. The other day Ida came running to me and said, "She said Ida!!"
Asa loves to hold her and feed her with the bottle.  She's one blessed little girl.  And, seriously, those are the most kissable cheeks out there.  She goes in for her check up soon so then we'll have her stats update.
Nicknames are currently; Sof, Sofie Dof, Dofie, Sofers, Sofie Sallyratus
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Friday, November 8, 2013

Asa Sayings

Mike's gone at a conference so Asa's been having me text messages to him.  This one was too great.

"Dear daddy, this is a Mayflower boat.  I love you more than most.  Love daddy and Asa.  Come back so safely.  And Jesus loves us and so does God."
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