Thursday, September 29, 2011

VanLaar Thanksgiving 2010

Here's some old footage!  I went to grab the flip the other day and the battery finally died (which is why I was using the iPad for the kiddos) but it forced me to plug it in and start downloading a whole backload of videos!!  Aack - a lot to go through and edit!  Here's Thanksgiving at Grandma VanLaar's house.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Asa Dancing

Mike had country playing while we were cleaning up the kitchen and Asa got up on his table and started rocking out and echoing along!!  (he could see his reflection in the window)  Mike caught this with my iPad.  This kid is tooo much!  He threw his hat after he stopped filming.

Hurray something grew!!

This was not a great year for our vegetable garden. We had high hopes when we ordered our heirloom seeds back in January. But a windstorm knocked over our little greenhouse and only some of our seeds recovered. The rest we put directly in the ground late due to a cold cold spring. The peas and beans didn't really produce but the pumpkins and tomatoes have made up for it! They're going crazy! Tomatoes and sugar pumpkins galore!!
I'm attempting to save seed from all this stuff so we'll see if any of it grows next year!  I've never saved seed before any seed saving tips?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Baking Buddies

The Owens were in town for the Grace Agenda Conference and I got to babysit some of the cousins!! Boy was Asa thrilled to have more big kids around! He'll do ANYTHING George does! George occasionally would come down from the playroom and the cheerful (or not so cheerful screaming) to tell me, "I need a break from the fussiness, I'm going on the porch."
They all helped with the important job of dumping in the chocolate chips and licking the bowl.
Yes, Asa is without pants...again. He's gotten to the point where he'll come in and tell me, "My pants were too hot Momma." Ahh yes, but we still need to keep on the underwear...
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Latah County Fair

The fair's already come and gone!  I can't believe how the summer has flown into fall! (My dad took second place with this painting!)

We went to the fair opening night with the Eiferts.  Asa made great strides in bravery this year about seeing animals up close.  He was super excited to go with his buddy Brody.  He kept running to our front door and telling me, "Brody's here Momma!!" whenever a car drove by.

We love Thomas!

The Owens came into town!!!  And we went to the fair with them too!
And then my camera died.
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Handsome Guys

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

So, it's official

After five wonderful years at EMSI, Mike's accepted a job offer from Western Packaging in Albany, OR! No, we're not moving. We'll be staying in Moscow just making some regular trips down there. We're really grateful for EMSI and excited about this new opportunity. Our families are particularly glad that we won't be leaving the area!
(I have a hard time doing a post without pictures. Mike took these at the cutting garden last week.)

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Cutting Garden

Last week was a little more hectic than normal. The kids both got hit with some colds, I had a couple weddings, and Mike was prepping for a business trip. I honestly don't think I could keep my sanity without Mike around. I discovered billy balls at the cutting garden last week and I really wanted to get some for one of the weddings that was happening this past Saturday. I just didn't know when I could get out there. But Mike decided we should all go. He packed up the kids and we all headed out after dinner. Asa loves coming to the cutting garden any chance he can. Dirt. And lots of it.

Asa and I went to work on the billy balls - (I really can't get over that you can go pick these by the bucketful right now! They can cost as much as a rose when you ship them in!)
Mike even thought to bring the camera and took the opportunity to get some fantastic shots of the late harvest fields.
And, of course, our darling little girl.
Thanks babe! I love you!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ida 4 Months

Yesterday Ida Mae hit 4 months! Really. I can't believe she's this old already! I've already started packing up the clothes that don't fit her anymore which makes me a little sad but also really excited to get to see her personality continue to unfold. She's crazy smiley now, loves to play with her toys, chew on everything, roll over (both ways!), and sleeps like a champ.
We got shots this morning and found out that she's still right on target at 13lbs 10oz, 24.5 in long, and a head size of 16.5in. This puts her in the 50% for weight, 55% for height, and 75% for head size. Yup - she's got a big noggin.
Don't you just want to smooch those cheeks!
(Asa's about to tickle her - and she loves it!)
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Asa Sayings

Me: Asa you need to go potty?
Asa: No I finish preaching first.  I like church, huh!?

Asa was playing with Mr. Potato Head.
   Asa: You're a funny guy potato head.

Asa was "talking" on the phone.
     Asa: Haha.  That's really funny man. Yep.  (guess he's been listening to Mike)

"Talking" on the phone to Maggie.
     Asa:  Hey Maggers, Asa here, I'm a big boy, umm ... just tootsin.. yah, go to Michigan, okay? Bye.