Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cinnamon Roll Testing: Mike's Great Grandma's Recipe

When Aunt Kathy found out we were testing cinnamon roll recipes she very kindly sent me a number of Sophie Derby's (Mike's Great Grandma who owned the Derby Cafe in South Dakota. This is also where he got his middle name; Derby). These are her Sour Cream Cinnamon Rolls and they're currently holding first place. They're also handy since they only require one rising period. The cinnamon to sugar ratio is much more balanced than Cooks Illustrated. We still have at least 4 more recipes to try... (we're trying to spread it out so we don't get too sick of them!)
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  1. Yummers! Great job Kathryn and thanks for the sample!! Makes me think about sitting in Grandma Soph's little kitchen when the hot rolls came out of the oven .... Dad