Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All About Asa

We haven't had a "just Asa" update for awhile so I felt like it was time.

He's getting to be such a big kid. He LOVES to "help" out around the house, whether this means finding something on the floor and throwing it in the trash (he usually judges right about what is and isn't trash), or shutting the dishwasher door (he can't stand doors being left open - even if I'm in the middle of loading it), throwing his diapers in the garage, pulling a chair up to the counter to help me cook (he especially likes to pour things back and forth between measuring cups) or do dishes.
You can currently find him usually doing one of two things - coloring (hopefully not on our coffeetable books!) or playing with letters. Anywhere we go he has to point out "A, C, T, S..." and he's almost always right! Huge thanks to Leapfrog Letter Factory on that front. He's got his alphabet down.

He's talking in longer and longer sentences, learned that "Dada" also goes by the name "Mike" and "Hunny" and refers to him as such, and currently seems to be a lefty.

Sure looking forward to Christmas Day with our little bud.
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  1. Hazel does exactly the same thing to Jason! He's either Daddy, Jason, or Hon.


  2. Too funny! I can't help cracking up whenever he does it - know that only encourages him but....! :)