Monday, June 27, 2011

Asa Sayings

Driving in the car:
A: Mom I need my phone. (I hand him his Woody and Buzz phone)
A: Uh, Hi Dada.  We're driving.  Yeah, gotta go talk to Buzz.  (hangs up the phone and opens it again)
Hi Buzz.  Yeah uh huh - go play with Amara.

In the tub:
A: momma I cookin
Me: whatcha making?
A: oh water
Me: can you make some birthday cake (his normal request in the kitchen)?
A: no momma just water! (as if you could make anything else in the tub...)

I took Asa to the track with me assuming he could just ride in the stroller or play in the middle. But he was only content to ride for a couple laps. "I run momma I run." And he ran over half a mile in jeans and his fedora! Every time I'd ask him if he wanted a ride he'd just say, " oh no I run!" And if I ever got a little ahead,"wait momma! Wait!"
Too cute! Not the best workout by any means, but so cute!

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