Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat

Asa loves Curious George. Originally, this was the plan for his costume. And to make sure people knew he wasn't just any monkey, I thought we should make Mike the Man in the Yellow Hat. Asa was set on this idea! For days he would go around telling everyone, "I be Curious George and Dada be the Man in the Yellow Hat! What you be be?" Yes, two "bes." Then Naphtali mentioned Johnny Cash but Asa was set on George, so we did one for the Fall Carnival and one for Trick or Treating. And Mike dressed up!

Mike was quite the hit with little kids downtown. Every kid we'd pass would point and say, "Look the Man in the Yellow Hat!" What a great dad.
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  1. Where did you get the hat? Did you make it or buy it? We're trying to do this for Halloween this year.

    1. So sorry for the delay in my response! We made it - cut out a big piece of cardboard with a hole in the middle for the brim, hot glued felt to it. For the top, I believe I just cut out two pieces of felt in kind of a rounded cone shape, sewed together (making sure the bottom would fit inside the inner hole) and then glued it. The felt was stiff enough to stand up on it's own. Have fun!