Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ida 9 Months

Ida had her baby well check up today and our little chunky monkey is just that!  She tipped the scales and jumped from the 25% to the 90% for weight!!  She's also 90% for height and head size, so definitely showing some tall genes right now.

29in long and 17lbs, 8oz and healthy as can be!  So grateful!

She's a mover; she climbs the stairs, walks along the furniture, and follows Asa anywhere she can.  And with 6 teeth she's devouring everything we set in front of her. We love her to pieces!

After we got home from Dr. Grauke's office, Asa decided he needed to play "Dr. Grauke" and got out a stick to start listening for my heartbeat and checking my ears.  He's a buddy (and he's napping right now so no new pics of him.)

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