Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ida 11 Months

Our little babers has already passed the 11 month mark and is quickly closing in on 1!  Aack!  She's just so sweet, so fun, and so cuddly.  She seems close to walking, but who knows, she's a pretty speedy crawler.  If you turn your back for a second she's booking it up the stairs to the playroom.  She can point to her nose,  pat her head to tell you she's baptized, say "peez, dada, mama, asa, baby."  And she tries so hard to do anything Asa does.  Her favorite toys are the duplo lego people.  She crawls around with one in each hand, occasionally stopping to chew on their head or hide them in some kitchen drawer! It's really fun seeing her personality develop, but I can't believe her birthday is almost here!  At least she still loves loves to cuddle and give drooly kisses.
(Side Note:  We're pretty sure she put one of her duplo people in the trash, and when I emailed Lego about a replacement they sent me a $5 coupon since they don't have the rights from disney to send just the duplo doll! Great service!!)

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