Thursday, July 19, 2012

Asa Sayings

Asa is becoming such a big kid!

After bath time he's supposed to go get his undies.
Asa: "Okay Mom, I'm going to get my undies and I will throw them in the sky.  Then I will laugh and you will laugh and Ida will laugh and we all will laugh."

Today as a favorite babysitter was heading out the door.
Me: "Asa we probably won't see Miss Kenzie for awhile, she's leaving for college."
Asa: "Oh she's leaving for college just like Andy left for college?"  (Toy Story 3 reference there.)

Asa: "No no Mommy I will pray. Our Father in Heaven... and please let Lightning McQueen and Mater come out of the big tv downstairs and the Cat in the Hat and Sally and Nick come out of the tv in  Mommy's room, oh and that Peter Pan would come out of Amara's tv and meet me at the park to play in Jesus' name Amen. Mommy I prayed that all these guys would meet me at the park!!  Oooh maybe the Water Park!"

"Mommy when you are little and I'm reading stories, what stories do you want me to read to you?"

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