Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We Survived

Well, everything made it into a box and out to storage one way or another! Thanks to a bunch of help from friends and family!  Seriously, how did we collect so much stuff!? Nothing like a move to make you purge.

We managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the fair  which the kids were thrilled about (and which is also likely where Asa picked up the stomach flu! My poor mom - we were at her house for that part of things! We seem to have a knack for getting the flu while we're imposing on other people's hospitality!) Things are a little more settled and healthy again and I'm loving the fact that we don't have to worry about any more showings!

(Ida lounged while we packed. It doesn't bother her that Woody's head is only attached by his bandana. She carries him around everywhere, body dangling.  It's especially gruesome when we find him in the highchair, head on tray.)

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