Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ways you don't want to be woken up

I love this buddy.  He's oh so sweet.  And he's been incredibly sweet while I've been sick/on semi-bed rest with this pregnancy.

While we were waiting for dinner, the kiddos were playing with stickers and I lay down on the couch for a second.
I woke to a light tug on my hair and the distinct sound of scissors.  Upon further inspection there was Asa holding a pair of scissors and my hair (thankfully still attached to my head).
"Buddy what'd you cut?"
"Your hair."
"What part?"
"Oh, right there."
A couple strands lay on the floor.
After feeling my head and checking the house for random clumps of hair we discussed not cutting hair.

Mike made the brilliant connection that we watched Tangled this weekend.
Hopefully he wasn't too disappointed by the fact that I don't have magic hair.
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  1. We had a hair-cutting incident after watching Tangled too...it wasn't mine thankfully, but still!

  2. Yikes! Any kind of hair cutting is scary - lucky for Ida she barely has any!