Thursday, May 30, 2013

Asa Sayings

Sometime over the last few months this guy grew up.  I really don't know how it happened, but suddenly I've got such a friend, helper, and a buddy with me all the time - I'm pretty spoiled really.  He's the one to run for Sofie diapers, get Ida stuff when I'm tied up with Sofie (including putting her shoes on), dust and scrub with the swiffer, greet the mailman and UPS man (daily, frequently asking what they had for lunch), come up with crazy games, and to run up for random huge hugs.

After the Boston bombing Asa asked why the flags were at half mast, so I explained it to him.  A week later when they returned to their normal position - he exclaimed from the back seat,
"Mom mom the flag's back up!  All the people are alive again."
I tried to explain and he piped up,
"Well God's people are alive."

After praying for our lunch,
"Mom - God's just the best. I want to go give Him a big hug."

While I was getting breakfast ready, Asa was sitting with Woody and Buzz in their respective seats,
"Whoa, Mom something was stinky.  I asked Woody if it was him and it wasn't so I asked Buzz if it was him and it wasn't, so I think it was me."

Watching Cinderella with Ida;
"The fairy godmother went back up to heaven.  That's because she's God's assistant right?"

Asa has been super excited about Ida getting potty trained and we had barely started day one when Asa came down with the stomach flu (and after he launched all over me and Sofie I called my mom to pick up Ida).
"When big brothers are sick they can't look out for Ida.  Will Grammy be able to look out for her?"

I love this sweet boy.

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