Friday, February 21, 2014

Sofie 9 Months

Well our cutie patootie just leapt into 9 months old!  She went from being a pretty expert (but slow army crawler) to full speed crawling, getting into everything, and pulling up on all the furniture.  
She's now 28in tall (75%), 17.6 lbs (30%), and a head diameter of 17.75in (75%).  So she's starting to skinny out.
We are all double checking to make sure the basement and bathroom doors are closed, that playmobil toys are nowhere near her, and making sure she's not attempting to eat rocks out of the plant.  
(Poor Asa- he might develop an ulcer over how bold and daring she is - either that or it's concern that his  tiny lightsaber will be swallowed.  Recently a googly eye from the craft supplies Ida was playing with made it's appearance a few days later.  This has left all of us on high alert.)
She's mastered "Dada" and "Mama."  And if you ask for kisses, she'll basically lick your face.  The kids of course love this trick and will sit in front of her saying "kisses" over and over until she gets their nose.
Love you little stinker!

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