Saturday, April 18, 2015

Asa's 6th Bday

This wonderful boy turned 6 this year!  He has become such a great kid - we're so thankful for him and so thrilled to be his parents!  He watches out for his sisters, is conscientious, loves school, loves studying birds, playing with friends - especially star wars and legos, and started rugby!  We did a Star Wars party for him which started with a family party with Amara before she left, included Chewie Donuts for his class, more Star Wars fun with friends, and hamburgers with family!!
Cousin Party!

Tatooine Cake

Safeway did a killer job on these donuts!

Our Star Wars backdrop!

Bubble stick lightsabers!

R2D2 reassembly

Hoth Cake

Such a fun group of boys!!

a whole bunch of Jedi!



  1. So cute, Kathryn!! Asher would have loved it! :) He's currently helping me plan his own sixth birthday party... Lego style!

  2. Thanks Tamara! We love legos around these parts too!! I'm sure it'll be a blast!