Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cinnamon Roll Testing - Mrs. L's Recipe

We really liked Mrs. L's recipe! The rolls came out nice and soft (and stayed soft!!) and had a good balance of cinnamon. I ran out of white flour so the majority was whole wheat pastry flour and it was fantastic. The wheat didn't weigh them down at all. Key differences from some of the other recipes: shortening instead of butter, white sugar instead of brown. We've still got more recipes to work through before we declare our favorite - but I definitely recommend these!

(In order to have our cinnamon rolls freshly baked in the morning we freeze them right after they are rolled and cut. Pull them out of the freezer right before you go to bed - still keep them loosely covered so they don't dry out - and then pop them in the oven in the morning. I've done it on every recipe we've tried and it's worked great.)
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  1. Glad you liked them but just so you know, I never made them with ww flour, just the ol' white stuff-- and boy, were they huge and fluffy! And you just can't hold back on the butter, cinnamon and sugar. Never too much!

  2. We loved them! And we're going to try them again with all white (now that I've gone shopping again!) I'll bring you by some of the next batch and get your opinion on how I did. ;)