Thursday, March 4, 2010

Makes you wonder...

Sushi in a tube and pancakes in a can? These were both featured on Food Network and to be honest I'm kinda curious to see what they taste like.
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  1. okay, the sushi popper sounds like the party poppers you use at New Year's... and that puts a pretty gross picture in my mind!

  2. Wow... It's funny that both of these products pull the "green" card; the sushi poppers are saving "millions of trees" from a chopsticky fate (Aren't most chopsticks made from bamboo? Well anyway...), and the batter-in-a-can (which looks eerily like Easy Cheese®) is certified organic. But hey, I'd try 'em...if someone gave 'em to me for free. ;)

  3. Organic batter in a can seems like a contradiction! The ad for pancakes also claimed to bring the family together for breakfast.