Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recipe Review: Alton Brown's Pomegranate Jello

(picture from Food Network)

So when we saw this on Good Eats we were really excited about the potential of a jello replacement (and especially something with pomegranate!) for the typical 50's one at Christmas, but this was disappointing.  Which is surprising because we typically love Alton Brown's recipes.  Asa and I tried it out while Mike was gone and it turned out brown, super rubbery, and pretty flavorless.  Waste of expensive POM.  Asa, however, enjoyed eating millions of pomegranate seeds.


  1. you should include the picture of the recipe, as you've done, plus the realistic picture (the one you made). :)

    sorry it wasn't such a hit.

  2. Don't worry Seth - it'll still be there (and I think you're the ONLY one who does.)

    good idea - my camera was in the car and I was too lazy to get it!

  3. You should get the recipe for the best pomegranate salad (like a cranberry jello-type dish) ever from one of my sisters-in-law! I've never been a huge fan of the whole jello salad thing, but this stuff is beyond amazing! Plus, they make it from fresh pomegranates their parents bring/send them from their yard in CA. I'm sure that's part of the amazing taste. :)