Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Asa Sayings

I've decided I need to start writing down some of the things that Asa's been saying before I forget them all!
Within the last week alone I've had to tell Asa:

"Get your head out of the toilet."

"Take off your sister's pants."

"Don't color on Ida's head."

"Do NOT bite your sister." (This is the only malicious thing he's done to her... yet.)

Asa's really been extremely happy and excited about having Ida around. And in general is extremely sweet. He'll come up at least three times a day and ask me, "I take it, I take it." This has finally switched to, "I'll take her." He then sits and holds her for a couple minutes, pointing out her nose, eyes, toes and fingers until he says, "all done" and continues running busily around.

He loves helping me put her to bed and wishing her "sweet dreams." This little girl does not lack for slobbery kisses!

And frequently when she coughs I'll hear a little voice call out, "Cover Ida cover!"

I love my crazy little helper.
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