Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ida's Eating Real Food

To be honest, this wasn't Ida's first time trying some food.  Her first food was some mashed pears from her friend, Lucy, when we all went out to eat with the Cohens (and kids) in Portland.  Ida was super fussy and pears worked magic.  The life of the second child I guess.  But, to show that we really do love her as much as Asa, here's her first time eating cereal! ;)

Asa and Ida have really started "playing" together.  He'll sit and push toys, dance, and sing to her and she LOVES it.  Things were quiet while I was doing laundry last night, but I came out to this.  So so sweet!  Melts my heart.  (granted, we're still working on gentle.)

I dug up some old shots of Asa's first food.  It looks like we started him out a little younger.  Ida's had such a sensitive stomach we haven't been too adventurous.

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