Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Portland Epidemic

We're home! Mike started his new job in Portland last week and we went with him. My gracious (incredibly gracious!) aunt let us stay at her place. The first half of the week I caught up with friends and family, got some shopping done and Mike worked.  The second half of the week we all caught the flu virus.  My cousin, aunt, Asa, Mike, Ida, and I all got it!  (Apparently this virus is ravaging all the schools down there.)  We were all finally recovered enough to come home Sunday.  Despite that, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone!

Asa loved playing with Elliott.  (Although it wasn't Asa's shining moment for sharing or not tackling.)
We went over to their house and every day afterwards Asa prayed that, "Elliott would come over and play for hours."  And, "Please find Elliott's Buzz and Mater."  (These were missing that day.)
After reading in Asa's Cars book that Mater was Lighting McQueen's best friend he told me, "Elliott's my best friend."

Fun times for these second cousins.


  1. I love the picture!!! Elliott just said, "Look! Me and Asa!! Where is he?" And I'm still so sorry about that stupid flu bug. :-(

  2. Isn't it great! Love those boys! And yes, we blame you!! :P