Monday, December 5, 2011

Gingerbread Houses!

It's a tradition for us to do gingerbread houses, but this year they went to a whole new level!  And since the kids aren't really interested in decorating (as much as eating) the houses, the work ends up getting done by the adults.
Seth told me that this year he wanted to do a cathedral.  I was thinking a small church - he was thinking Notre Dame.  He kindly offered to help me bake and brought over all his plans.  Mike, Seth, and I made 7 batches of gingerbread to make everything!  So here's the results:
Seth at his table. There's a bunch of pictures so I added a break - click below for more.

The only bummer is that you can't see the "stained glass" since we thought of getting lights inside a little late.
The Creasons' Easter House.  (Maggie was the only kid really helping decorate!)
The Shaws' House - complete with Brian's alligator (made from flavored tootsie rolls).

Our Barn - we had roof structural issues - but somehow it managed to stay up.  
My favorite part was the pig Mike sculpted out of starbursts.  I didn't know what a talented sculptor he was!

The candy thief.

Toy Story break.

Winning team - no question.
The seed bags by the hay in honor of Mike's new job.  And I tried out marshmallow fondant (thanks to help from Kajsa) for the snow.

Mike picked up a refrigerator box and we made a house for the kids to play in.  
Fun stuff!  And Seth's already working on designs for next year!

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