Monday, December 9, 2013

Kiddo Sayings

Ida holding the butt paste.
"This is for lego bum bums? And Sofie bum bum? And my bum bum?"

Holding Sofie on my lap and Ida comes over. 
Ida: "This lap is only for girls."
Me: "Sofie's a girl."
Ida: "No, she's a baby. I'm the girl.

Asa: "It's a pretty good day for a nice turtley day.  That's why I'm wearing my turtle hat."

Ida running over to the window while Asa and Mike were leaving.
"Merry Christmas to everybody! Merry Christmas!"

We had a bowl of cilantro on the table for garnishing soup.  Ida took a leaf,
"MMmm I yike this salad." (She doesn't normally like lettuce or anything.)  Then took leaf after leaf after leaf and kept saying, "mmm, yummy salad." 
Crazy girl.

Ida: "I'm a princess and you're a person."
Me: "I'm a person?"
Ida: "yes, hi person."

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