Monday, December 2, 2013

Sofie 6 Month Stats

I've got to squeeze this in before she actually hits 7 months! (which is only 2 days from now by the way).  But, her doctor's appointment was late in the month.  This sweetie is 27.25" long (85%) 16.11 lbs (51%) and a head circumference of 17.5" (92%).  (She's had a big since that worried the doctor's at her ultrasound.)   

She's got the backwards scootch down, sits (a little wobbly), and is working hard pushing herself up in the crawling position.  She finally moved out of her bassinet into the crib since we were waiting for bunkbeds to be able to shuffle all the kids.  She now has a room to herself and seems to be loving it.  She is really the happiest baby ever - and we all love her to pieces.

Her Great Aunt Wendy sent this in the mail the other day (she hand knit it) and Sofie posed for some pics in it!  
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