Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kiddo Sayings

Driving home from school, Asa was singing a song in the backseat:
"And the God car made the Lightning car and he finished the race...and it was good."

On our vacation in Black Butte, the kiddos were sharing the pullout bed in the other room.  In the middle of the night I heard Ida whimpering,
Asa: "It's okay Ida.  It's only a dream.  God's watching out for you.  Let's pray.  Dear God please help Ida to have good dreams.  Amen."
Ida: "I'm still scared."
Asa: "Okay, let's pray again.  Dear God please give Ida sweet dreams about princesses."
Ida: "about Cinderella."
Asa: "about Cinderella.  Amen."

Ida wishes she was going to school with Asa.  Every day after dropping him off.
Ida: "I go to my classroom now. Where is my classroom?  It's on top of a tree!"

Working on potty training with Ida;
Me: "Ida, Wendy goes poo poo in the potty."
Ida: "No she doesn't she doesn't have any bum bum.  Just a dress."

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