Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sofie 4 Months

(I found these photos on Asa's camera yesterday when I was downloading them)
Sofers is growing up way too fast!  It happened with Ida too, where I felt like she leapt through a couple months without us noticing.
She had her shots yesterday and got all checked up.  Super duper healthy.  And she now weighs 15lbs 6oz and is 26.25 in long putting her at the 62% for weight and 94% for height!  I knew she was long considering we jumped into 3-6month stuff awhile ago and her legs are already too long for her pjs. 

Cannot get enough of her huge muppet smile, chubby cheeks (they are the best cheeks for smooching), and snuggles (she's a major cuddler).  The kids love that she can hold toys they hand her and laugh at them. (She does get a tad nervous when Ida comes around, mainly due to the fact that Ida grabs her cheeks in both hands and attempts to lift her by them.)
Love you Sofie Jane!

(And since I missed a post on her 2 month updates: she was 13lbs 12 ounces and 24.5 in long)
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