Friday, September 2, 2011

Asa Sayings

Me: Asa you need to go potty?
Asa: No I finish preaching first.  I like church, huh!?

Asa was playing with Mr. Potato Head.
   Asa: You're a funny guy potato head.

Asa was "talking" on the phone.
     Asa: Haha.  That's really funny man. Yep.  (guess he's been listening to Mike)

"Talking" on the phone to Maggie.
     Asa:  Hey Maggers, Asa here, I'm a big boy, umm ... just tootsin.. yah, go to Michigan, okay? Bye.


  1. We love Asa! He is so cute and funny. I esp. love the "just tootsin'" bit...

  2. Just realized I was talking to Christine Creason not Cohen! :)