Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ida 4 Months

Yesterday Ida Mae hit 4 months! Really. I can't believe she's this old already! I've already started packing up the clothes that don't fit her anymore which makes me a little sad but also really excited to get to see her personality continue to unfold. She's crazy smiley now, loves to play with her toys, chew on everything, roll over (both ways!), and sleeps like a champ.
We got shots this morning and found out that she's still right on target at 13lbs 10oz, 24.5 in long, and a head size of 16.5in. This puts her in the 50% for weight, 55% for height, and 75% for head size. Yup - she's got a big noggin.
Don't you just want to smooch those cheeks!
(Asa's about to tickle her - and she loves it!)
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