Monday, September 12, 2011

Cutting Garden

Last week was a little more hectic than normal. The kids both got hit with some colds, I had a couple weddings, and Mike was prepping for a business trip. I honestly don't think I could keep my sanity without Mike around. I discovered billy balls at the cutting garden last week and I really wanted to get some for one of the weddings that was happening this past Saturday. I just didn't know when I could get out there. But Mike decided we should all go. He packed up the kids and we all headed out after dinner. Asa loves coming to the cutting garden any chance he can. Dirt. And lots of it.

Asa and I went to work on the billy balls - (I really can't get over that you can go pick these by the bucketful right now! They can cost as much as a rose when you ship them in!)
Mike even thought to bring the camera and took the opportunity to get some fantastic shots of the late harvest fields.
And, of course, our darling little girl.
Thanks babe! I love you!
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