Friday, March 9, 2012

Asa Sayings

It's been awhile since I actually wrote down the hilarious and adorable things Asa's been saying so here's some.  I'm forgetting tons.

This morning Mike and I were tickling him and he tooted.
"Oh, whoah, okay guys.  You need to settle down a little bit, okay?"

I had a dress on and Asa came in, "Momma you look pretty.  Are you a princess like Ida?"

"I'm pretty handsome."

Asa's been dressing himself lately.  I was on the phone and he came sprinting out to the kitchen with his sideways leap and leg kick.  "Look Mom look!  Two undies!  Pretty cool?"  And added a few more kicks while he was looking at himself in the oven door.  Since then he puts on two pairs of undies every day.

Mike told Asa that he was the Sous Chef and he was helping the Chef, me.  So every night since then when Asa helps with dinner he says,
"Alright Chef, what's for dinner? I sous chef.  I cooking."

We were dropping Rachel off at Les Schwab and right after she got out of the car.  "Momma, Rachel is AWESOME!"

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