Thursday, June 7, 2012

A little catch up!

I think I need an iPhone.  I completely missed taking any photos when the Owens were here and we celebrated Mike's birthday and celebrated our anniversary!  Yikes!  Just too busy to have the camera out.  But they all happened and we had a bunch of fun!  I stole a few photos from Mike's iPhone (he didn't have any pics from his bday unfortunately but we did have his pick of lemon cake and it was tasty!).
Here's Asa and C out at Nana and Poppy's soon to be house!

Riding Poppy's new tractor.

I went to Spokane with Naphtali and my Mom for a shopping spree and the kiddos went with Mike to the Safety Fair (Asa was thrilled about this helicopter - even if he and Ida look a little grumps here!)
 And at the end of May (on our anniversary weekend actually) Mike and I went up to Couer d'Alene so I could run my first ever half marathon!  Thanks to Kelly's running group I found myself signing up for a half marathon - and I actually enjoyed it!  (helps when you're running along a gorgeous lake! And, just so you know, they give medals to everyone but it still makes you feel extremely accomplished, I mean how often do you get medals as an adult?)

We left the kiddos with Nana and Poppy so we could stay at the resort.  And after the run - Sunday brunch at the resort to celebrate our anniversary! 

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