Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons have been a big hit!  Asa hasn't been scared of the water, but going in with a teacher was a whole new ballgame.  He has come quite a ways from crying the whole way home day one to going off the diving board without fussing at all today!  We're pretty proud of him! He and Amara got to be in the same class which was really fun and he LOVES his teacher.  They've all been fantastic with them.  We play swim lessons a lot at home now so he can teach Ida.
(Can you tell this is a total "mom" moment by the number of pictures?? Preview of what school might feel like?! Yikes! Time's flying.)

Today was life jacket's for the deep end.  

Ida just watches and eats.

Washing Machine game

Amara on the diving board

Asa on the board

just hanging out in the deep end
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